“So I will be patient with beautiful patience.” فصبر جميل

“All my life I’ve been going around waiting for sth. All my life infact I’ve felt as if… as if I were waiting in a railway station. And I’ve always felt as if the living I’ve done so far, hasn’t actually been real life but a long wait for it, a long wait for something real”
So to my future; the very close beautiful future ahead of me. To tomorrow, the day after, and to the 60 years ahead.
To the achivements that I’ll be reaching soon, and the teeny weeny details that’ll take me there. The future relations I’m going to have, the new people I’m going to meet, the frienships, and my life-bloomers, and all the other lovely gifts that’ll come with them. To every other soul who will come into my life and love me just the way I am, as flawed as I might be, as unaccomplished as I think I am.
To the happy moments that’ll make up for the sad ones, the happy times I’ll cry to, the sad times that’ll wake me up to the things I wasnt paying attention to. 
To when I grow into the younger me, where I’ll tell myself I’m beautiful and enough, but believe it with all my heart. When I’ll love myself as if I were a rainbow with gold at both ends. The kind person I will grow up to be, to when I serve what is greater than myself, and give what I have been given. To the lives I will touch and be life changing to. To when I become my own standard of beauty.
To the battles I’m going to win and the ones I’m going to lose but come of confident and fearless, moving mountains the whole way. To finding out my beautiful traits and all the things I’m capable of.
 To the woman who no longer hides behind a mask, to deep talks and all other talks that play a note in me, talks that will make me slowly peel out of my skin, and aquire a certain level of vulnerability to expose my fragmented contradictory self, without shame, without fear. To when I’m no longer a war between what I should say and what I want to say. 
To when I’m cautious of doing my little bits of good everywhere I go, cause its those little bits of good that overwhelm the world. To the places I’ll travel to alone, to protecting my time and feeding my inner life.
 To when I understand to forgive rather than be revengeful and angry, when I no longer hold on to my history cause it’ll be at the expense of my beautiful destiny. To when I stop pretending I’m this average person, cause I wont be.
To everything I want, that is destined to become a beautiful reality.
To inner peace and tranquility.
To all the good in the world and beyond.
To things my mum’ll be proud of, to the things I will be proud of.

To when I become old and frail, a proud mother and grandma. To the life stories I’ll tell my children and the advice I’ll give my daughters. To the love we’ll share. To them.
And to the times in between, before and after; answered prayers, hardships and blessings that’ll bring me closer to God, new suras I will learn, stories that will grow my love for prophet muhammad (pbuh) till I love him more than I love myself. To the time I will enter paradise.
To these fleeting moments, I’m waiting for you at the railway station … with beautiful patience.

فصبر جميل


To a confused 18 year old.

img-20160822-wa0007.jpgDear me,

” As you move forward in life, please dont let yourself get caught up in the trap of comparison.

You’re going to continue to evolve in unforseen ways, you are full of complexities and wonders, that haven’t even began to surface, life’s unpredictability will draw them out, and what defines you now will be mere shadows and hues of a more vibrant you, over the next 5,10,50 years. Life will look differently than you think it will. So think big, show up early, stay late and work hard.

But stay focused, so that your change in growth is intentional. Don’t let who you’re becoming be shaped by disappointments, and also dont let yourself be shaped by acheivements either. Remember your kipling. If you could meet with triumph and disaster, but treat both imposters just the same.

The journey you take now will be led by you alone. Don’t let that scare you, oh no, let that liberate you. So keep moving forward and dont be frustrated when your path gets messy, because it will get messy, you’ll fall, and you’ll fail along the way, widely.


Say it with me, EMBRACE THE MESS!”


Much love,



We, human beings, sometimes share a finite lapse of time together, just like people on a packaged trip.
The major difference, is that, in real life, you don’t have any clue about when your shared time with someone is going to come to an end.
The circumstances of life, the fraility of the human condition, the instability of emotions – all these factors make relations much less predictable than we usually believe.
If we mediate deeply upon the impermenance of life, will non attachment be the inevitable consequence?
Non attachment does not mean indifference: on the contrary, it will empower you to live every moment with love and intensity knowing that it could end any time.
Non attachment is a state of mind that will help you both in times of joy and sorrow. Life is a mixture of pleasure and pain, of comfort and hardship.
We cling to pleasure hoping it will never leave, and we are overwhelmed by pain, fearing that it will never end.
By practicing non attachment, we become able to endure difficult moments, with a certain sense of humor, knowing that as a wise saying goes – this too shall pass – .
In the same way we can enjoy the beautiful moments of life without being tainted by the fear that they will end, as they undoubtedly will.

That one moment.

And I say again and again, “as small as the moments of trust can be those are the moments of betrayal as well”

Life Near You

This one’s going to be a bit heavy.

I keep writing about Life Near You in different shapes and forms but haven’t touched an important aspect of our lives that connects us with our surroundings. That aspect i feel is Trust.

With or without it there is always a connect. Some say this connect is an experience, some say a hunch, some say it is purely driven by faith, some term it as a coy, some probably a gut feeling, wiser one’s 😉 term it as an instinct or sixth sense, some a mutual admiration, some an inborn thing and some a hard earned quality. There are many connotations but what actually is this connect which we term as Trust?

Well i ain’t a wiser one or a fool to confine this beautiful emotion in a definition. It is a vast subject in itself which i believe would be difficult…

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